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Are you seeking a rewarding career in law? Then consider becoming a Paralegal and helping attorneys on their cases! The first step to have the opportunity to become a Paralegal is to enroll in a program that offers an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies and learn some of the most important paralegal responsibilities.  After you complete your paralegal education, you may have the skills and experience to be a big asset to many types of legal offices – from family law to real estate to immigration. Plus, you could enjoy a solid salary and plenty of demand for your services! 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), paralegal responsibilities include organizing and maintaining files, performing legal research, and drafting documents1. Obtaining your Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies could lead to a personally and professionally rewarding career in the legal world! You could work with attorneys in law offices to make a big difference in so many types of legal cases. With a paralegal education, you may be able to work in a legal specialty that is your passion. 

There are many important paralegal responsibilities, but we have detailed the top three responsibilities that most successful paralegals perform each day. Keep reading to learn about a day in the life of a paralegal! 



Paralegal Responsibilities #1 – Maintaining and Organizing Legal Files

Wherever you work, one of the most important paralegal responsibilities is to maintain and organize files. These can be paper documents or through an electronic filing system. Legal cases involve a lot of paperwork, so it is vital for paralegals to maintain and organize documents in order to help lawyers in their work2.


Paralegal Responsibilities #2 – Helping Attorneys To Achieve Success During a Trial

Paralegals are also responsible for helping lawyers when it comes to trials. Paralegal responsibilities include investigating and gathering the facts of a case. They may also be required to conduct research on relevant laws, regulations, and legal articles. Additionally, paralegals gather and arrange evidence and other legal research for attorneys to review and for the preparation of cases. During a trial, Paralegals aid lawyers by handling exhibits, conducting legal research, taking notes, or by reviewing trial transcripts 3.


Paralegal Responsibilities #3 – Drafting Vital Legal Documents

Other critical paralegal responsibilities include the drafting of documents and obtaining important legal documents. Paralegals must write or summarize reports to help lawyers in preparation for trials. These paralegal responsibilities could include work such as drafting pleadings, including subpoenas, complaints, interrogatories, deposition notes, pretrial orders, and legal briefs They may also draft correspondence and legal documents, such as contracts and mortgages.


Your Paralegal Responsibilities May Lead to A Positive Job Outlook

Now that you know what the responsibilities of a paralegal are, you may be wondering what the career outlook is for a paralegal. Overall, paralegals often enjoy robust job demand and solid salaries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment of paralegals and legal assistants is projected to grow 12 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations 4.

Paralegals work in all kinds of organizations but are usually found in law firms, corporate legal departments, and some government agencies. BLS reports paralegals and legal assistants work most often in these industries 5:

  • Legal services: 73%
  • Local government, not including education and hospitals: 4%
  • Federal government: 5%
  • State government, not including education and hospitals: 3%
  • Finance and insurance: 3%


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