Medical Assistant Programs at Mildred Elley

The skills I learned at Mildred Elley gave me the experience I needed to get the job at the doctor’s office. I am very grateful for Mildred Elley.”

– Prakai Soule, Class of 2015


Medical Assistant Courses

Begin your training at Mildred Elley with our medical assistant courses. Are you looking for a career that can provide you personal growth, job satisfaction, and flexibility? If you answered “yes” exploring a career as a medical assistant could be the perfect fit. Starting out as a medical assistant in the healthcare industry is an excellent way to begin climbing the career ladder. You can have the opportunity to work alongside doctors and patients in need. There is no better time to explore the medical assistant field than right now. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical assistants is projected to grow 14 percent from 2022 to 20321. To help foster this expansion, Mildred Elley Medical Assistant program can provide you hands-on training to become career-ready.

The learning environment

Our Medical Assistant program is an on-campus training program available in Albany and New York City. A hands-on training approach combined with course work can be vital to help future medical assistants receive a comprehensive education and to gain confidence in a clinical setting. At Mildred Elley we embrace that with our in person learning environment and program structure.

Medical Assistant Programs and Locations:


What do Medical Assistants Do?

Medical Assistants provide valuable administrative support. One of the perks in this career path is the ability to work in varied healthcare settings. Once you complete your training program you could work in physician offices, hospitals, outpatient facilities or medical clinics. Working as a medical assistant also includes the following tasks:

  • Greeting patients
  • Entering medical records
  • Assisting in checking patient vital signs
  • Filling out insurance forms
  • Handling billing and bookkeeping


You Could Enjoy Flexible Scheduling As A Medical Assistant

Join the booming medical assistant field and enjoy the opportunity for a flexible schedule. Since medical assistants are needed all times throughout the day you can work shifts that fit your lifestyle. This means you can continue to balance your commitments outside of work.

Do you need a medical assistant school that can work around your busy schedule? At Mildred Elley, the Medical Assistant program allows you to fit your classes around your current commitments. We offer flexible scheduling that includes day, evening and weekend classes. The path towards your new medical assistant career is just a click away.


Why You Should Enroll in Medical Assistant Courses at Mildred Elley

As a medical assistant student at Mildred Elley, you will have unrivaled hands-on experience in our labs. Mildred Elley Medical Assistant classes and labs are taught by our talented instructors who are experienced in the real world. From our instructors, you can learn transferable skills such as medical terminology, patient care and performing EKG’s.

Mildred Elley Will Help Prepare You For The National Healthcare Association (NHA) Exams

If you successfully complete the Medical Assistant program and medical assistant courses at Mildred Elley, you will have the opportunity to take national certifying exams through the National Healthcare Association (NHA). These include:

  • EKG Certification (CET)
  • Phlebotomy Certification (CPT)
  • National Clinical Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA)

*Certification as a Medical Assistant is dependent on your successful completion of the National Certification exam(s)


Our Program Benefits Include…

  • Financial Aid & Scholarships for Those Who Qualify
  • Lifetime Job Placement Assistance
  • Flexible School Schedule
  • Approved for Veterans Education Benefits at the Albany, NY and NYC Campuses
  • Free Career Assessment



For a list of our program accreditations, please visit here. For a list of our program accreditations, please visit here.


Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

After graduating from Mildred Elley with a degree or certificate as a Medical Assistant enjoy our lifetime job placement assistance. Our hopes are to see YOU pursue a rewarding career in the healthcare industry!






Available Campuses

Our Medical Assistant courses are available at all three of our campuses in Massachusetts and New York.



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