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Practical Nurse Program at Mildred Elley

Mildred Elley’s Practical Nurse program is for those who are caring, compassionate, and wish to hone in on their skills to pursue a career in healthcare. Finding the right role can be as easy as starting with a Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program. LPNs are a vital, hands-on member of any medical team. They act as a liaison between patients and other healthcare professionals. Pursuing a career as an LPN could mean working directly with other nurses and physicians in the day-to-day care of patients in a variety of medical settings.

Pursuing a practical nursing program could lead to one of the most rewarding careers in the healthcare industry. If you are looking to begin your practical nurse education, consider the LPN courses offered at Mildred Elley. Enrolling in LPN courses could give you the headstart needed to gain the skills and expertise to work in healthcare.

Beginning the Practical Nursing program at Mildred Elley could enhance your problem-solving and interpersonal skills which could help you excel in your healthcare career. Our practical nursing programs are offered at all three of our Mildred Elley campus locations in Albany and NYC.


Practical Nursing Program Locations

Are you searching “LPN training near me” or “licensed practical nurse school near me”? Attending Mildred Elley means you not only receive a quality higher education experience but it also means you get access to the most advanced practical nursing job training available.

Mildred Elley offers several LPN courses throughout various campus locations:

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Practical Nurse Education at Mildred Elley

There are many skills to be learned from hands-on instruction during your practical nurse education at Mildred Elley. You’ll learn through in-class coursework from instructors who are passionate about giving students the education they’ll need to succeed, as well as hands-on training.

The Mildred Elley LPN program is comprehensive and focuses on the skills and knowledge you’ll need to be successful in healthcare. LPN courses at Mildred Elley can include some of the following coursework:

  • Introduction to Biology of the Human Organism
  • Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Introduction to Practical Nursing
  • And more!

Practical nurse education programs can typically be completed in one to two years and require 53 credit hours (51 in Massachusetts). With the successful completion of the Practical Nurse program at Mildred Elley, you could be well prepared for the successful completion of the NCLEX-PN examination and licensure as an LPN in New York State and subsequent employment in the field.

The learning environment

Our Practical Nursing program is an on-campus training program available in Albany and New York City. A hands-on training approach combined with course work can be vital to help future LPNs receive a comprehensive education and to gain confidence in a clinical setting. At Mildred Elley we embrace that with our in person learning environment and program structure.

What Does a Licensed Practical Nurse Do?

Are you wondering what does a licensed practical do, exactly? Licensed practical nurses have many responsibilities. They work under the direction of registered nurses and doctors to provide basic medical care to patients 1.

Depending on where you work, hands-on care, medical records, and assisting patients could all be a part of your daily duties. Licensed practical nurses typically do the following:

  • Monitor patients’ health—for example, by checking their blood pressure
  • Administer basic patient care, including changing bandages and inserting catheters
  • Provide for the basic comfort of patients, such as helping them bathe or dress
  • Discuss the care they are providing with patients and listen to their concerns
  • Report patients’ status and concerns to registered nurses and doctors
  • Keep records on patients’ health2

LPNs are an extremely important part of any given medical facility. They perform a wide variety of tasks and need to pivot from patient care to medical records quickly. The Mildred Elley LPN program could help you prepare for these typical duties of an LPN and more!


Where LPN Program Graduates Can Work

With a practical nurse education, there are several different healthcare facilities where you could work. Practical nurses have many possible employment options based on whether you are looking for flexible scheduling, future successes, or even location. Entry-level LPN’s might be found working in the following locations:

  • Nursing and residential care facilities
  • Hospitals; state, local, and private
  • Offices of physicians
  • Home healthcare services3

Becoming an LPN provides a great amount of flexibility in work settings. Upon graduating and successfully passing your license boards, you could decide which path works best for you.


Potential Benefits for Your Future After a Practical Nursing Program

There are many benefits to completing a Practical Nursing program besides the potential for a rewarding and fulfilling career path. The employment of licensed practical (LPNs) is projected to grow 9 percent from 2020 to 20304.

As the baby-boom population ages, the overall need for healthcare services is projected to increase, meaning more jobs could become available. That’s why a practical nursing program is a great place to begin your healthcare career!

Begin the Mildred Elley LPN program and take the first step towards a career as a licensed practical nurse.


Practical Nursing Program Highlights

Pursuing the Mildred Elley LPN program means you not only receive a quality higher education experience but it also means you get access to the most advanced practical nursing job training available.

Mildred Elley also offers many different benefits for practical nursing program students.

  • Financial Aid & Scholarships for Those Who Qualify
  • Lifetime Job Placement Assistance
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Approved for Veterans Education Benefits at the NY campuses
  • Free Career Assessment



Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

After graduating from Mildred Elley with a certificate, enjoy our lifetime job placement assistance! We hope to see YOU pursue a rewarding career in the healthcare industry!




Available Campuses

Our Practical Nursing Courses are offered at all three Mildred Elley campuses!



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