Student Services

Part of Mildred Elley’s mission statement is we will “provide quality career education.” We have been meeting the needs of our school’s students for over 90 years and while our mission has remained the same, our quality, technology and techniques for helping students are ever increasing.

Student Services can support a variety of Mildred Elley students’ academic and personal needs:


Office of Academic Support & Advising

Provides quality guidance, counseling and advocacy services to support the needs of our school’s students.



Office of Career Services

Meet with our career services team for career-related guidance on finding the right job, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills and specific career-related strategies. 


Center for Academic Support and Professionalism

The Center for Academic Support and Professionalism provides tutoring, study sessions, skills workshops, counseling services to support students in their academic and personal growth.


Office of the Registrar

The school registrar maintains student personal (e.g., immunizations) and academic records, processes schedules and registration activities, handles transcript and enrollment verification requests, among other things. 


Office of Library Services

The Office of Library Services is dedicated to providing the materials, reference sources and individual attention necessary for students to succeed in their programs. 


Office of Academic Support & Advising

The Office of Academic Support and Advising (OASA) is committed to empowering Mildred Elley’s students with the skills to achieve their academic goals and develop life long learning skills. OASA’s caring and supportive staff is dedicated to providing quality academic guidance, counseling and advocacy services to the students of Mildred Elley.

The goals of the OASA are:

  • To open clear and concise lines of communication between the OASA and faculty to better serve the needs of the student.
  • To monitor students’ progress and assist them in achieving academic success.
  • To provide students with resources and strategies that will assist them in their studies.
  • To develop a sense of community amongst the students and faculty.

OASA provides academic support, coordinates peer tutoring, and advises students with varied academic needs.​

Albany, NY Campus
Office of Academic Support & Advising
855 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12206
(518) 786-0855 x 1332
(518) 786-0898 fax


NYC Metro Campus
Office of Academic Support & Advising
25 Broadway, Floor 16
New York, NY 10004
(212) 380-9004
(212) 94-2148 fax

Pittsfield, MA Campus
Office of Academic Support & Advising
100 West Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201
(413) 442-0333
(413) 442-2269 fax

Center for Academic Support and Professionalism (ASAP)

The mission of the Center for Academic Support and Professionalism (ASAP) is to provide a unified source of exemplary programs for student learning and to assist and engage students in achieving their academic and personal goals by providing support, access, and outreach. More particularly, ASAP staff facilitates both group and individual tutoring sessions, study seminars, soft-skill workshops, mental health counseling, and a series of cultural events—all with the goal of ensuring students establish career and scholarly opportunities for a successful future. The Center’s focus is on developmental education, paying close attention to student growth and to the academic and professional achievements of all post-secondary learners. Tutors and counselors are held to the rigorous standard of meeting students’ needs and encouraging learning experiences which foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  

If you would like to learn more about ASAP, please contact Alex Bernstein at



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