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Albany Certificate & Associate Degree Programs

Our Certificate and Associate Degree programs in Albany, NY offer career training for the future. Our vocational school faculty and staff are professionals in the field and are handpicked so we know what technical skills are critical for your career success. In addition, you’ll receive Lifetime Job Placement Assistance provided by our Career Services Office to help you get a job after graduation.

Albany is the capital of New York and is about 150 miles north of New York City. Many fortune 500 companies have their offices in Albany, NY. Albany has experienced growth in the high-tech industry in the early 21st century.

Downtown Albany is the city’s oldest neighborhood. Albany has more than 60 public parks and recreation areas. The Palace Theater, The Egg, and the Capital Repertory Theatre provide forums for music, theater and spoken word performances.

Albany’s economy is heavily dependent on government, health care, education and technology. The economy of Albany is Mildred Elley’s focus with many business, health care and high-tech job training opportunities.

Although our campus locations are closed due to COVID-19, the Mildred Elley staff is here for you! We are committed to helping our students train for their new careers. Discover the latest updates and information from our Albany campus faculty. Click here to learn more.


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