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At Mildred Elley, we strive to provide the best education and learning environment for those who would like to pursue becoming an Information Technology (IT) professional. The online Information Technology Degree has been designed to provide super-flexible learning so you can pursue a new career around your existing commitments. Our Information Technology program can teach you the principles of information technology and the variety of careers from which these learned skills benefit. With degree concentrations in Network Administration and Coding and Scripting, Mildred Elley can provide you with a platform for you to pursue a new IT career. With additional educational services, including financial aid for those who qualify and our lifetime job placement assistance for all graduates, let Mildred Elley help you take the first step towards your new career today. 


Mildred Elley’s Online Information Technology AOS Degree 

With the benefit of learning from home, our online Information Technology AOS Degree curriculum provides exposure to several IT skill sets. Our curriculum provides a grounding in a range of IT professions. As part of our online Information Technology Degree, you can also select the concentration that interests you most. Building on the essential IT elements, you can choose a concentration in either Network Administration or Coding and Scripting. Our team of educators will help you navigate through the technical and day-to-day challenges involved with both concentrations. The aim of the Information Technology degree program is to provide students with an education that places emphasis on contemporary information technology and infrastructure that will enable them to explore potential career paths in the technology industry. Graduating with these technical skills can provide the necessary skills needed for an entry level position IT career.


Mildred Elley’s Online IT Degree Programs

 Here at Mildred Elley, our teachers and staff pride themselves on providing our students with the highest level of education. Degree concentrations are available that help you focus on the area that interests you the most. Our online Information Technology Degree provides a solid grounding of the principles involved in IT, including:

  • Software and hardware development and installation
  • Network performance analysis
  • Creating and designing websites
  • Database management
  • Helpdesk and user support


Coding and Scripting Concentration

 Selecting to study our Coding and Scripting online Information Technology Degree concentration provides an overview of the different computer programming languages you can specialize in – from web development through software coding, quality assurance, and testing. Students learn how coding can help develop faster software solutions, design and interpret algorithms, or perhaps create stunning web pages – all vital components in the digital world. Mildred Elley’s online Information Technology Degree with a concentration in coding and scripting provides graduates with an excellent springboard toward a career in development and testing.

 Our team of educators can give you the tools and guidance to help you learn a range of programming languages, including:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • HTML and HTML5
  • And more!

Network Administration Concentration

 Network administration is essential for state-of-the-art communications and provides the critical infrastructure needed within modern business practices. Our Network administration online Information Technology Degree concentration can teach students how to set up these core communication networks and quickly resolve technical issues, which reduces performance downtime. Students who graduate successfully will be eligible to take the CompTIA Networking+ Certification Exam.

 Our Networking Administration concentration includes learning about the following:

  • Networking
  • Network Server management 
  • Network Computer Security
  • Network Infrastructure


Choosing to study IT online at Mildred Elley

Mildred Elley is making it easier for you to strive towards an exciting new career in IT. Our education team is here to work with you and create a flexible learning environment, allowing you to study around your existing work and family obligations. Learning around any current commitments, our online Information Technology Degree provides a user-friendly platform to progress through the classes that make up the online  IT program. Our commitment to providing a first-class education in an online environment helps identify your core skills and progress towards graduating with a degree in Information technology in your chosen concentration. However, that’s only one benefit you’ll receive by enrolling in Mildred Elley’s online Information Technology Degree. We are also committed to providing a range of student services designed to make the entire process as easy as possible. When you enroll in our Information Technology degree online program, you will also have access to our dedicated departments that provide: 

Financial Aid & Scholarships

 Our Office of Financial Aid is available to all Mildred Elley students. Pupils who qualify for financial aid will receive help throughout the application and processing stages to help cover tuition expenses.

Career Services

 At Mildred Elley, you will also receive in-depth free career assessments designed to help prepare you for a new career in an entry level IT field. As part of your education, you’ll receive job searching advice, resume writing tips, and interview preparation support.

Mildred Elley’s Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

 Mildred Elley is fully committed to providing all the support needed to help you pursue a career in IT. As a result, our online Information Technology Degree graduates also benefit from our lifetime job placement assistance. 

Veterans Education 

As Mildred Elley is approved by Veterans Affairs (VA), we can assist Veterans who are actively looking to train for a career in technology.  


The career outlook in the field of IT 

In the evolving world of technology, businesses are constantly seeking to keep up with its innovation. Here at Mildred Elley, our online Information Technology Degree program is designed to give you the best possible foundations available for this growing field of employment.

 Businesses need technology to survive, not just to remain innovative but to boost efficiency and aid internal and external communication streams. As a result of this, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected information technology employment is set to increase by about 449,400 jobs over the decade.1 The BLS also expects about 377,500 additional openings each year to arise from growth and replacement needs. 2These two projections mean the BLS expects employment for IT occupations to grow by 10% from 2022 to 2032. 1


*Mildred Elley does not guarantee employment to any student or graduate.

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