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Mildred Elley Pittsfield, MA Campus

If you are looking for career training in Massachusetts, the Mildred Elley Pittsfield, MA campus could be the right place for you to pursue your education! The career training and certificate programs offered at our Pittsfield campus provide the most advanced job and career training programs available. We know how crucial up-to-date technical skills are to career training, so we make your professional development one of our top priorities!

Our courses of study are designed to help you become a perfect match for your future employer upon graduating from Mildred Elley. Many of the Mildred Elley Pittsfield programs can be completed in as little as twelve months, providing you with quality career training designed to help you enter your chosen field. Continue reading to find out more about Mildred Elley and the opportunities it could provide you.


All About Mildred Elley – The Pittsfield Campus

The Mildred Elley Pittsfield, MA campus location is known for its rich history. Known as “the City of Festivals,” Pittsfield is home to the Berkshires, Colonial Theatre, and the Berkshire Museum! Our Pittsfield Campus offers students an academic experience within the largest city in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Pittsfield has also become the destination for many new and different innovative businesses including SABIC-Innovative Plastic, Chemex Corporation, Pittsfield Generating Facility, and Interprint Incorporated. New inventions and technology are being trialed just around the corner every day here!

Our Pittsfield Campus offers many different programs for a variety of student interests. Take a closer look at all the certificate programs offered below!


Explore Career Training Options at Mildred Elley Pittsfield

Whether you are seeking a business technology certificate, or are looking for a medical office assistant school, Mildred Elley has a program for you! Listed below are the certificate programs offered at the Mildred Elley Pittsfield, MA Campus:

  • Clinical Medical Assistant Certificate: Build skills in the field of Medical Assisting by learning from our experienced instructors. This program will teach you how to assist physicians and to complete administrative and clinical tasks under the supervision of a nurse or physician.
  • Cosmetology Certificate: This program teaches students how to provide hair and beauty services to enhance their client’s appearance and potentially boost their confidence. The Cosmetology program will help you learn to cut and style the client’s hair, recommend professional hair care products to fit clients’ individual needs, provide scalp and facial treatments, as well as makeup analysis, etc.
  • Practical Nurse (PN) Certificate: The Practical Nurse Certificate program is a credit-bearing certificate program aimed to prepare you for licensure as a Practical Nurse (PN) in the state of Massachusetts. Complete your education with our on-campus clinical labs which provide students with the most real-world and technical learning environment possible.



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