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Business Management Courses at Mildred Elley

If you are considering a career in business, taking the first step and enrolling in business management courses at Mildred Elley might be the choice for you. You could become an integral team member of any company by gaining the knowledge and typical skills needed for becoming a business manager. Whether you’re looking to start a career in banking, finance and sales, customer service or any other government job, you’ve come to the right place.

The aim of the Business Management Programs at Mildred Elley is to provide students with an education that places emphasis on contemporary business knowledge that will enable them to explore potential career paths in the business industry. Through an internship component, the program will expose and prepare the students to various employment opportunities and career advancement.

At Mildred Elley, we are committed to providing students with a quality higher education experience, while also preparing students to prepare for a career in business.


Business Management Programs and Locations:

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Business Management Roles

Business managers play an important role in any organization. Regardless of whether you are in banking, customer service, or finance and sales, business management positions typically require an understanding of the market in which you work to help your organization reach its desired goals. Being able to think analytically, having proper communication skills through both written and oral platforms, and creative problem-solving are just a few traits that business managers should have. These skills can be acquired through classes in Business Management training!


Business Management Training Requirements

Education requirements for completing your business management training may vary, but generally include knowing how to perform budget analysis, forecasting, marketing, and bookkeeping. Training needed for business management also typically includes learning and understanding the latest computer technologies to enhance productivity.

Being able to perform market research is essential to fully understand the market you are trying to reach. Mastering these requirements is extremely important! Businesses rely heavily on insight from their business managers in order to make the right decisions for their companies in progressing towards their goals.


Potential Employment Settings with Business Management Education and Training

With proper training in business management, you could find yourself in a variety of business management positions. Performing budget analysis and forecasting, working in marketing, or bookkeeping are all careers you could obtain with business management education and training. Your job as a budget analyst or forecaster could include helping companies plan for budgeting and future company growth by meeting with clients and working with your team.

You could also embark on a marketing career where you might be involved with advertising and promoting programs to generate interest for different products or services in your company 1. Bookkeeping is also an important career in business management as you could be in charge of the recording of all transactions and financial statements at your organization. In general, employment of management occupations is projected to grow 7 percent from 2018 to 2028, resulting in over 700,000 new jobs 2! With this training, it is possible to have career opportunities in banking, finance and sales, and customer service. Business management training could lead you to work for non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, or even for the government.


Why Get Your Business Management Education and Training from Mildred Elley?

Have you been searching for “business management classes near me”? If so, consider the business management courses at Mildred Elley. Enrolling with Mildred Elley means having the following benefits:

  • Financial Aid & Scholarships for Those Who Qualify
  • Lifetime Job Placement Assistance
  • Flexible School Schedule
  • Approved for Veterans Education Benefits
  • Free Career Assessment
  • International Students Welcome

Students who enroll in business management courses at Mildred Elley will also receive training in the latest computer technologies. This will enhance students’ productivity and create a competitive advantage in the business field! Mildred Elley is committed to providing students with a quality higher education experience. Take the first step towards your future career and enroll in the business management courses at Mildred Elley today!


Business Management Courses & Curriculum

At Mildred Elley, we offer a variety of courses for students interested in the different areas of business management. Across our Albany, NYC, and Pittsfield campuses students can enroll in the program that is right for them and their career goals.

Students in the Business Management AOS degree program at our Albany campus can specialize in casino management, accounting, hospitality & tourism, restaurant operations, and more! Also available to our Albany, NY students is coursework for those interested in office, project, or event management.

Our Pittsfield campus offers students a Business Technologies Specialist Certificate program. Students in this program will develop skills in office productivity software and computer operating systems. Our program is designed to help students with the training needed for business management. Students can learn theoretical knowledge and applied skills in general business management.

The Business Management AOS Degree program offered in our NYC campus is designed to help students develop skills with integrated software packages as well as stand-alone products. Students will learn about word processing, spreadsheets, and databases.

With so many programs available across our many campuses, students can pick the business management program that is right for them at Mildred Elley!

Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

There are many potential opportunities for career placement as occupations in the business management field are varied. After graduating from Mildred Elley, enjoy our lifetime job placement assistance. Our hopes are to see YOU pursue a rewarding career in the business management field!




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Available Campuses

Our Business Management courses are available in Pittsfield, Albany and New York City!


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