You have decided that you would like to pursue a career in healthcare and you are leaning towards pursuing a practical nursing certificate. Congratulations! You have made a wonderful decision. However, you may be wondering “What exactly can I do with a practical nursing certificate?” We’re here to help!

Earning a practical nursing certificate could be the first step to the future you want. Practical nurses have great problem-solving skills while paying careful attention to detail. They must also have great interpersonal skills and be able to express empathy towards their patients. Earning a practical nursing certificate could help you learn those skills and provide care to those in need.

Practical nurses work within a highly-trained and experienced healthcare team. Every member of the team is needed to ensure these patients are getting the best possible care. Take a look at how you could be helping others once you have completed your licensed practical nurse education and training!



What You Can Do With a Practical Nursing Certificate

Practical nurses are vital members of any healthcare team. They help provide basic care to patients, coordinating between patients and other healthcare professionals. Practical nurses typically work under the direction of registered nurses and doctors. Depending on where you work and what department you are in, your duties could vary from measuring vital signs to keeping medical records up-to-date 1.

Your role as a connection between patients and other healthcare professionals is extremely important! You’ll work with both patients and medical teams to provide top-notch care for those in need. It’s exciting to work with many opportunities to use your compassion and empathy. As a licensed practical and licensed vocational nurse, you’ll be called on to do many of these healthcare roles 2:

  • Monitor patients’ health—for example, by checking their blood pressure and other vital signs
  • Administer basic patient care, including changing bandages and inserting catheters
  • Provide for the basic comfort of patients, such as helping them bathe or dress
  • Discuss the care they are providing with patients and listen to their concerns
  • Report patients’ status and concerns to registered nurses and doctors
  • Keep records on patients’ health

In order to provide this basic care and perform these duties, you must complete licensed practical nurse education and training. There are so many skills to be learned in both classroom instruction and hands-on training. Read on to see why earning a practical nursing certificate could be the next step towards your future in the healthcare industry!


Job Opportunities with a Practical Nursing Certificate

Licensed practical nurses can be found working in a variety of settings. Earning your practical nursing certificate could allow you to work in nursing and residential care facilities, hospitals, offices of physicians, and even as part of home healthcare services3. Here’s a detailed list of potential locations and duties:

  • Nursing and residential care facilities
    • Attending to basic nursing care, treatment plans, supervising patients
  • Hospitals
    • Work in a fast-paced environment (maternity wards, emergency rooms, etc.)
  • Offices of physicians
    • Assisting physicians with patient examinations, booking appointments, etc.
  • Home healthcare services
    • Work with elderly patients, or patients recovering from an illness or injury

Due to the huge baby-boom population, the overall need for healthcare services is projected to increase tremendously over the next few years, meaning more jobs could become available4! The practical nurse training programs at Mildred Elley could be beneficial in finding a career in healthcare.

How to Choose the Best Practical Nurse Course
If you are ready to start your licensed practical nurse education and training there are a few things to consider. When reviewing LPN programs it’s important to see if hands-on training is provided as part of the course curriculum. Healthcare professionals need personalized training to provide the best quality care to patients in which they work.

Also, look to see if the practical nurse courses are taught by trained, diverse, and passionate instructors. The quality of your education is vital for you to get the most from your licensed practical nurse education and training. Acquiring proficient practical nursing skills can be key to your healthcare career. That’s why finding the right school is so important!


Practical Nursing Certificate Program at Mildred Elley

If you have been wondering “Are there any practical nursing schools near me?” consider the Practical Nurse certificate program at Mildred Elley. Mildred Elley offers the practical nursing certificate program in our conveniently located Albany, Pittsfield, and New York City campus locations.

Graduates of our campuses’ Licensed Practical Nursing programs could be well prepared to challenge the NCLEX-PN examination. Successfully completing the exam means you could earn licensure as an LPN in New York State, and earn subsequent employment in the field.

Enrolling in licensed practical nurse education and training courses at Mildred Elley means learning from experienced professionals who are passionate about giving students the proper education. These instructors come together and teach from their diverse backgrounds within the medical industry. There are many skills to be learned from in-person and hands-on instruction at Mildred Elley! Obtain the skills you need to earn your practical nursing certificate with us.




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