Practical Nursing (LPN) Program

Healthcare professions are one of the fastest growing career fields in the country. The Practical Nursing Certificate program is a credit-bearing, college-level program that prepares its graduates for licensure as a practical nurse (LPN) in the State of New York.


Practical Nursing

Graduates of this Practical Nursing Certificate program will be well prepared for successful passing of the NCLEX-PN examination, licensure as an LPN in New York State, and subsequent employment in the field.

Our Practical Nursing Certificate program is comprehensive, designed to give you the clinical and lab skills necessary to become a successful LPN. Our school instructors come from a diverse background within the medical industry, helping to provide you with the tools necessary to fulfill your goal to become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Nycole Gallagher

Nycole Gallagher

Class of 2015

It’s the best school. They are very personal and everyone knows my name. My professors remember me and care about me. I’ve never felt so supported.”

Practical Nursing Certificate Courses

Practical Nursing (LPN) program students at the Albany, NY campus of Mildred Elley will also have an opportunity to specialize by taking coursework in the following:

  • BIO 110 Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BIO 210 Anatomy & Physiology II
  • BIO 211 Pharmacology
  • HEA 112 Medical Terminology
  • LPN 120 Practical Nursing in New York State
  • LPN 122 Mathematics for Nursing
  • LPN 130 Introduction to Practical Nursing
  • LPN 210 Practical Nursing I
  • LPN 220 Practical Nursing II
  • LPN 230 Practical Nursing III
  • LPN 240 Practical Nursing IV
  • LPN 280A Special Topics in Practical Nursing: Nursing Leadership and Exam Preparation

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Mildred Elley

Practical Nursing (LPN) Program Benefits

Attending Mildred Elley means you not only receive a quality higher education experience, but it also means you get access to the most advanced Practical Nursing (LPN) job training available. Mildred Elley also offers many different benefits for Practical Nursing (LPN) program students.

  • Financial Aid & Scholarships For Those Who Qualify
  • Lifetime Job Placement Assistance
  • Flexible School Schedule
  • Approved for Veterans Education Benefits
  • Free Career Assessment


Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

After graduating from Mildred Elley’s Practical Nursing (LPN) Program, you can enjoy our lifetime job placement assistance. Our hopes are to see YOU pursue a rewarding career in the healthcare profession!


If you’re ready to start your career as a nurse, CONTACT US now to begin your training!



If you’re ready to get started with your career CONTACT US to begin your training!