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Enrolling in a Practical Nursing school might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! An education in nursing can be challenging, but it can also be extremely fulfilling. After having successfully completed your coursework and clinical experience in Practical Nursing School, the end result of your work could be a career in healthcare!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, duties of LPNs and licensed vocational nurses vary depending on their work setting. They have the opportunity to work in a variety of health care facilities like hospitals, physician’s offices, and residential care facilities1. Generally, practical nurses work under registered nurses and are mainly focused on patient care and are focused on monitoring patients’ health and providing basic comfort2. While learning many new skills during practical nursing school, it is fitting that earning your licensed practical nurse LPN certification can also come as a challenge. However, it is important to look at an education in nursing as an achievable challenge, not an impossible one.

We have prepared a Practical Nursing school survival guide to provide you with some tips on how to achieve success in your practical nursing classes, enjoy the process and work your way toward a rewarding career in health care!



Enjoy the Process and Embrace Opportunity

Usually, the “have fun” tip comes at the end of this type of list, but it is important to lead off with a positive sentiment when it comes to enrolling in a Practical Nursing school. There is no doubt that it is hard work, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the process and embrace the opportunity in front of you. If you are interested in helping others and have a career in the medical field, then enrolling in practical nursing classes is really the next step towards pursuing your passion and reaching your goals! Enjoy the process of learning new techniques, duties, and skills that could be used in your future. Stay determined, stay eager, and have fun!


Set Aside Study Time and Get Organized!

Many students in Practical Nursing school have families, full-time jobs, and other personal commitments. Combine this with attending practical nursing classes can make finding time to study a little difficult. For this reason, it is important to get organized and set aside regular blocks of time for studying. Even finding a few friends from your classes and setting up study groups could help you excel in your courses. Setting aside time dedicated to studying will help you develop strong study habits and gives you the opportunity to get the most out of your education!


Set Personal Goals in Practical Nursing School

As it is with any task you put your mind to, it is important to set goals for yourself! Whether it is putting in extra time to understand a particularly difficult subject, or simply re-familiarizing yourself with a topic you are comfortable with, it is important to set personal academic goals!

A couple of examples for these goals could be having regular interaction with a professor or reviewing new material for a set amount of time each night. Setting goals will help you stay disciplined throughout your nursing studies and give you a sense of satisfaction as each goal is completed. When things get frustrating or difficult try to remember to persevere. As long as you work hard and complete your studies, you will have the opportunity to graduate from your practical nursing program!


Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions in Practical Nursing Classes

While attending your practical nursing classes, you will be learning medical terminology, the duties of practical nurses, techniques of patient care, clinical applications, and so much more! If there are times that you need further clarification, ask questions! Your instructors are experienced in the field and are there to help you succeed inside and outside of the classroom. During your nursing courses, it is important to take advantage of the expertise your professors possess. Besides, chances are if you have a question about something, then someone in your class does too.


Excel in the Mildred Elley LPN Programs!

Now that you have completed the Practical Nursing school survival guide, it is time to apply these skills in Mildred Elley’s LPN Practical Nursing Certificate programs! Our programs are designed to help students gain hands-on clinical experience, problem-solving skills, and interpersonal skills for a potential career as an LPN. Your education is important to help you grow and succeed in your future career as a licensed practical nurse!

Not only do we offer practical nursing programs in NY, but we also offer practical nurse programs in MA. Explore your practical nursing school opportunities at all three of our campus locations in New York City, Albany, and Pittsfield, MA! The Mildred Elley LPN program could be the beginning of your towards a career in the healthcare industry, so take the first step today!

With a high school diploma, you could apply to the Mildred Elley LPN program! With these survival tips, you could be ready for success in no time! After successfully completing the Mildred Elley LPN program, our hopes are to see you gain entry-level employment to pursue a fulfilling career in healthcare!



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