Online Classes: Medical Transcription Certificate

  • Why choose Medical Transcription?

    • Job Security: Healthcare continues to grow as generations are living longer and have increasing access to healthcare.
    • Productivity Based Income: Productivity based income means the more you work the more money you can earn. Work as much or as little as you needed depending on your availability and need for income.

    Why choose the Online Division at Mildred Elley?

    • Live Student Support: We are proud of the way our programs are taught. Just because our classes are online, does not mean that you will be on your own to learn by yourself. Our faculty and staff are here for you every step of the way, no matter what your questions are.
    • Affordable Tuition: You can expect high quality and high value program choices at affordable tuition rates. Plus, there are no hidden fees. With a variety of payment plan options you can invest in your education with ease and feasibility—making your education a reality. Invest in your future for only $2595.
    • Lifetime Job Placement Assistance: We will assist you through the job search process and connect you with appropriate career opportunities at the completion of your program. This is a lifetime service we offer to each of our graduates.


    • AHDI Ambasador Sponsor  Online Classes: Medical Transcription Certificate building futures AMBASSADOR sponsorAHDI: We are a proud member of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). AHDI has approved our medical transcription training program.
    • AHIMA: We hold membership with the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). AHIMA regulates coding best practices nationwide.
    • MyCAA: We are a proud supporter of the Military Spouse Initiative, a program developed to provide funding to military spouses and war-wounded caregivers for medical transcription and medical coding training. The cost of your education may be funded by the Department of Defense’s Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Program.
    • ACCES-VR: Many of our students have received tuition assistance from The Adult Career and Continuing Education Services—Vocational Rehabilitation. They offer a full range of employment services that may be needed by someone with disabilities.
    • WIA: Mildred Elley’s Online Division is a WIA-eligible training provider. The Workforce Investment Act provides funding for education aimed at learning a new career.

    The Online Division at Mildred Elley will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to be placed in a continuously growing career field.

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  • Job Outlook

    What does a Medical Transcriptionist do?

    Medical Transcriptionists dictate letters, progress notes, pathology reports, history and physical reports, discharge summaries, consultation reports and operative notes by listening to voice recordings of physicians and other health professionals. Medical Transcriptionists interpret and transcribe the terminology and abbreviations given by the health professions to create a permanent file for patients records. Medical Transcriptionists save physicians a great amount of time by being a crucial part of their team.

    Typical duties of a Medical Transcriptionist generally include but are not limited to:

    • Transcribing dictation into test results, operative reports, insurance documents, etc.
    • Interpret medical abbreviations and terminology into correct form.
    • Follow guidelines of HIPPA and other legal laws.

    What kind of income will I earn?

    Income is based on a variety of factors, geographic location, experience, longevity and employer salary bases. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that Medical Transcriptionists can earn between $21,960 and $46,220 a year with an average of $32,900. If you choose full time employment you will qualify for a variety of benefits packages that may be supplied by your employer.

    You can be on your way to a new career in as little as 8 months with an education from the Online Division at Mildred Elley.

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  • Medical Transcription Program Description

    What is the expected timeline of completion?

    In the Medical Transcription program you can on your way to a new career in as little as 8 months. During these 8 months, you will complete a 3 months practical skills training segment which will give you on-the-job training for your career.

    Self Paced Program: When enrolled in the Self-Paced program you will take classes at your own pace. Finish the Medical Transcription program sooner than expected or follow the suggested timeline depending on your schedule.

    Live, Online Program: When enrolled in the Live, Online Medical Transcription program you will take interactive classes where you can see and speak real time to your school instructor, as well as interact with your classmates from the comfort of your own home.

    What will my classes be like?

    Your classes at the Online Division at Mildred Elley will provide you with the technical skills and the medical science background in order to take the Registered Medical Transcriptionist exam offered by the Association for Healthcare documentation Integrity (AHDI).

    Medical Transcription class topics include:

    • Medical Terminology
    • Basic Anatomy
    • HIPAA
    • Online Transcription Essentials
    • Authentic Dictation
    • Externship

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  • Tuition

    Medical Transcription Program Tuition

    Total Program Price for Medical Transcription (Self Paced)


    Application Fee…………………..…$25

    Registration Fee…………..……..…$50

    Books & Supplies………………….$974


    Payment Plan Options

    We’ve made affording your education easy with payment options that fit your needs. We also have financing options including tuition assistance available.

    Medical Transcription (Self Paced)

    Payment Plan Notes
    Pay in Full BONUS: $200 Cash Discount
    4 Months $501.88 Monthly Payment
    Down payment due upon enrollment
    8% interest
    12 Months $180.07 Monthly Payment
    Down payment due upon enrollment
    9% interest
    18 Months $123.37 Monthly Payment
    Down payment due upon enrollment
    9.5% interest

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