Hospital-Based Coding Certificate: Medical Billing & Coding

  • Why choose Hospital-Based Coding?

    • Job Security: Healthcare continues to grow as generations are living longer and have increasing access to healthcare.
    • Work Environment: Work in a hospital setting or work from home.
    • Advancement: Career advancement opportunities available to those with few years of experience.
    • ICD-10 Coding: Learn the classification of medical data and assignment of diagnostic codes and procedures in patient records.

    Why choose Online Classes at Mildred Elley?

    • Live Instruction & Support: We are proud of the way our online programs are taught. Just because our classes are online, does not mean that you will be on your own to learn by yourself. Our faculty and staff are here for you every step of the way, no matter what your questions are.
    • Affordable Tuition: You can expect high quality and high value online program choices at affordable tuition rates. Plus, there are no hidden fees. Financial aid is available for those who qualify—helping to make your education a reality.
    • Lifetime Job Placement Assistance: We will assist you through the job search process and connect you with appropriate career opportunities at the completion of your online program. This is a lifetime service we offer to each of our graduates.
    • Internship Opportunities: The Online Hospital-Based Coding program includes an 80-hour internship.
    • Affiliations:
      • AHDI: We are a proud member of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). AHDI has approved our medical transcription training program.
      • AHIMA: We hold membership with the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). AHIMA regulates coding best practices nationwide.
      • MyCAA: We are a proud supporter of the Military Spouse Initiative, a program developed to provide funding to military spouses and war-wounded caregivers for medical transcription and medical coding training. The cost of your education may be funded by the Department of Defense’s Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Program.
      • ACCES-VR: Many of our students have received tuition assistance from The Adult Career and Continuing Education Services—Vocational Rehabilitation. They offer a full range of employment services that may be needed by someone with disabilities.
      • WIA: Mildred Elley’s Online Division is a WIA-eligible training provider. The Workforce Investment Act provides funding for education aimed at learning a new career.Call (888) 123-4567 to enroll today or click the Request Info button below.

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  • What does a Hospital-Based Coder do?

    Hospital coders organize and manage patient records in a hospital setting. Numeric codes are assigned to patient procedures and categorized. Coders have to follow medical confidentiality requirements.

    Typical duties of a Hospital-Based Coder generally include but are not limited to:

    • Properly classify medical data from patient records
    • Review patient records
    • Assign numeric codes for each diagnosis and procedure

    Billing and Coding career opportunities include:

    • Inpatient/Outpatient Coder
    • Coding Quality Manager/Supervisor
    • Medical Coding Compliance Officer
    • Traveling Consultant/Auditor

    Professional certifications include:

    • CCA – Certified Coding Associate
    • CCS – Certified Coding Specialist (recommend 2 years of work experience prior to taking this certification examination)

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  • What is the expected timeline of completion?

    The Online Hospital-Based Coding program is a 704-hour course (60 weeks or 16 months) that includes an 80-hour internship which will give you on-the-job training for your career. Many internships turn into permanent employment for our graduates.

    What will my classes be like?

    Online classes at Mildred Elley will provide you with the technical skills and the medical science background in order to take the national certification (Certified Coding Associate) examination administered by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

    The Hospital-Based Coding program will be taught live, online in an interactive class setting where you can speak to and see your instructor. Plus, you’ll have weekly assignments and classmate interactions in your online classroom in the Mildred Elley eLearn platform. All of this can be done in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have high-speed internet access.

    Online Hospital-Based Coding class topics include:

    • Medical Terminology
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Pathophysiology
    • Pharmacology & Lab Findings
    • Computer Software Applications in Healthcare
    • Health Information Management
    • Healthcare Delivery Systems
    • Clinical Classification Coding Systems
    • Procedure Coding Systems
    • ICD – 10 PC Procedure Coding Systems
    • Clinical Classification Coding Systems II – Advanced Diagnosis Coding
    • Clinical Classification Systems II – Advanced Procedural Coding
    • Field Based Professional Practice Experience (PPE)

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  • Online Hospital-Based Coding Program Tuition

    Total Program Price for Hospital-Based Coding

    Tuition & Fees……………………$8,450

    Books & Supplies……………….$1,340


    Financial Aid

    Financial aid is available for those who qualify for the Online Hospital-Based Coding program. The Office of Financial Aid is dedicated to assisting students with the financial aid process. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff can counsel you on the variety of options available for your situation and give you insight on how you can manage your investment for your education.

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