Albany NY Certificate & Associate Degree Programs

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Our Albany, NY certificate and associate degree programs offer career training for the future. Our faculty and staff are handpicked from the local business community so we know what skills are critical for your career success. In addition, our Lifetime Job Placement Assistance program provided by our Career Services department can help you get a job after graduation.

Mildred Elley - Albany, NY is separated into two academic program divisions, including:

Our college career training programs in Albany, NY offer you a quick path to a successful new career! How quick, you ask? How about becoming certified in under a year! Invest 16 more weeks at Mildred Elley and you can earn an Associate's Degree, providing you with a superior foundation for career success. Request more information and get answers on how you can begin today!

Need flexibility? A lot of us do! At Mildred Elley, our certificate and associate degree programs are offered during the day, in the evenings and we even offer weekend programs. Our goal is to provide you training around your already busy schedule. Have more questions for us? Our Admissions Representatives will be happy to answer all of them - Give us a call today at (518) 786-3171 or (800) 622-6327.

Don't wait a moment longer to start on your path to a NEW Career!

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