Information Technology Degree

The Information Technology A.O.S. degree program provides training and instruction in computer network administration; computer, network, and Internet security; computer hardware and operating systems; and end user support.


The IT Associate’s Degree Program at Mildred Elley Albany

Discover your passion for the digital world through the IT Associate’s degree program at Mildred Elley! The Information Technology A.O.S degree program offers students information technology classes in a variety of technical skills.

Our Information Technology A.O.S degree program at our Albany, NY campus provides students with problem-solving skills to help prepare for different types of information technology jobs. Students can also concentrate their information technology classes at Mildred Elley toward their educational goals.

The Mildred Elley IT Associate’s degree program offers concentrations in either Networking or Coding & Scripting. Students who are eager to learn more about software development, technical support, and more are encouraged to enroll!


Information Technology Classes

Students enrolled in our IT Associate’s Degree program in Albany could learn the skills for their desired IT focus.

If you are looking for ‘IT classes near me,’ our accessible campus in Albany, New York could provide you with the education and resources you need. Mildred Elley offers many different benefits for students enrolled in the IT Associate’s degree program, such as:

  • Financial Aid & Scholarships for Those Who Qualify
  • Lifetime Job Placement Assistance
  • Flexible School Schedule
  • Approved for Veterans Education Benefits
  • Free Career Assessment

Students that are interested in our IT program may want to become software engineers, network administrators, or members of a technical support team. Mildred Elley’s Information Technology classes could provide you with the education you may need to reach your educational goals!

Students may meet their information technology education requirements by choosing to specialize their coursework in the following:

Concentration in Coding & Scripting

  • The Internet and Web Page Design
  • Relational Databases
  • Python Programing I
  • Python Programming II
  • Javascript
  • Python Programing III

Concentration in Networking

  • Operating Systems
  • Help Desk Management and User Support
  • Networking I
  • Networking II
  • Network Computer Security
  • Network Server Management
  • Network Infrastructure

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What Can You Do With an Information Technology Degree?

Completing your information technology education requirements at Mildred Elley could give you access to a quality higher education experience. Those with IT Associate’s degrees may offer a wider breadth and depth of instruction in the field of information systems.

There are many types of information technology jobs that could become available upon completing an IT Associate’s degree. These positions include working with computer networks and infrastructure, network troubleshooting, supporting operating systems and computer peripherals, and user support. Information technology classes at Mildred Elley, Albany can also prepare you to develop programs and web services using programming languages, scripts, and web development software.


Preparing for What Different Types of Information Technology Jobs Require

Mildred Elley in Albany, NY will help you learn many of the skills needed for today’s employment opportunities in entry level technical positions. Completing your information technology education requirements at Mildred Elley also offers each student lifetime job placement assistance

Whether you are looking to enter the field of software development or find work as a computer technician, Mildred Elley aims to help students develop their skills through a quality higher education experience.

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