Faculty Moodle Trainings

General Moodle Faculty Training

General Moodle Training, Recorded Webinar. Topics Included:

  • Navigation
  • Turn Editing On
  • Participants
  • Syllabus
  • Announcements
  • Add Teams Link
  • Forums
  • Uploading Files
  • Links
  • Assignments
  • User Override Function
  • Activity Logs
  • Course Presence
  • Student Feedback
Intermediate Faculty Training

Intermediate Moodle Training Recorded Webinar. Topics Included:

  • Creating Pages
  • Embed a Video
  • Choice/Poll Activity
  • Folder
  • Assessment Types
    • Add a file and hide
    • Add a file – upload answers in Moodle or email
    • Add an assessment in Moodle
    • Create an assessment in Connect
Advanced Faculty Training

Advanced Moodle Training Recorded Webinar. Topics Included:

  • Creating Question Banks
  • Importing Different Types of Assessment Questions When Possible
  • SCORM Compliant Content – Publisher or Third-Party Content
  • Creating Rubrics
  • Interactive Content with H5P



Online Education Resources

Below is the link to the Online Education Resources in Moodle.  You will need your login information for Moodle to access these resources.  Your login information is the username and password you use to login to the school’s network.

Online Education Resources in Moodle: https://elearn.mildred-elley.edu/course/view.php?id=591

From the Online Education Resources page in Moodle, you can access the following, helpful links:

  • General Resources for Online Instructors, SONIS for Online Courses, Best Practices in Online Teaching
  • Moodle How-To for Instructors
  • Connect for Online Instructors (for those with courses using McGraw-Hill texts)
  • Evolve in Moodle (for those with courses using Elsevier texts)
  • Cengage Instructor Resources (not in Online Education Resources)
  • Resources for Helping Students


Links on the web for Moodle How-To videos:


These are web pages from the Moodle website which offer how-to guides on Moodle course management.

“Teacher Quick Guide”


Microsoft Office 365

From this link, portal.microsoftonline.com, you can access Microsoft Office 365.  Your username is your Mildred Elley email address and your password is the same as the one you use to login to the school’s network.  The Microsoft Office 365 suite gives you access to:

  • Microsoft applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Sharing applications such as SharePoint, Teams, and Planner

Email is a primary method for contacting students and Outlook is accessed from this suite.


Other helpful links

Faculty Resources 1
Faculty Resources 2
Faculty Resources 3
Faculty Resources 4


Technical Help – Trouble logging in?

    • SONIS Student Information System – your username for SONIS is your student email address and a 6-digit pin you were issued upon enrolling. If you cannot remember your pin, please contact onlinehelp@mildred-elley.edu.
    • Moodle – Online Course Platform – your login information for Moodle is the same as the username and password for accessing the computers on-campus. If you cannot remember this information, please contact moodle@mildred-elley.edu.
    • Email/Microsoft 365 – Your username for the Student E-mail system is your Mildred Elley e-mail address and your password is the same as for logging into the computers on-campus. If you cannot remember this information, please contact support1@mildred-elley.edu, or on the login page for Office 365, click the “Can’t access your account?” link.
    • How to install Microsoft Office 365 onto a desktop PC, click here!
    • How to use Microsoft Office 365, click here.



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