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Have you been searching for schools that offer Medical Assistant training in Massachusetts or New York, but aren’t exactly sure what to look for? Wondering whether you should look for an accredited medical assistant education program? In this blog, we will break down what accredited Medical Assistant programs are, and why Mildred Elley’s programs could be the answer. Continue reading to learn more about the top 4 benefits of enrolling in Mildred Elley’s Accredited Medical Assisting programs.


1. Our Instructors ARE Healthcare Professionals!

When you’re searching for schools that offer medical assistant programs, the first thing you should look for is experienced instructors. At Mildred Elley, our accredited MA programs are taught by a diverse group of instructors with real-world experience. The instructors in our Medical Assisting Department bring a variety of backgrounds and experience, which provide our students with a comprehensive learning experience. They are able to provide students with real-world examples from their own working lives to help further educate those enrolled in medical assisting programs. Learning from instructors who have had years of experience in the field could be extremely beneficial for our prospective students.


2. Earn Your Certifications While You’re Enrolled

Certification may be required for employment depending on the state in which you reside. The benefit of enrolling in one of the Mildred Elley accredited Medical Assisting programs is the opportunity to obtain certifications at the same time as you’re taking classes! If you are thinking about becoming a Certified Phlebotomy Technician or training to become an EKG Technician, you could become certified while enrolled. The best part? You could start looking for employment before graduation! We understand that looking for a job can be stressful, so getting a head start on your career search will only help you in the long run.


3. Small Class Size to Enhance Your Learning Experience

Mildred Elley offers a low student to faculty ratio. While enrolled in the medical assistant education program, your experience at Mildred Elley will be like nothing else. We offer personalized attention to our students and provide individualized plans for everyone. Small class sizes could be beneficial to your education experience. At Mildred Elley, our students’ success is our number one goal!


4. Accelerated, Organized, and Accredited

If you are looking for a medical assistant program that is designed with students in mind, Mildred Elley is the right choice for you! At Mildred Elley, our Medical Assisting program has been an accelerated program for many years. Our structured educational framework is one that is unmatched by local competitors. Mildred Elley also offers accredited MA programs which means we are officially recognized by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).* Do you need another reason to enroll today?


Common Misconceptions About Medical Assisting programs | Myth or Fact Breakdown

Are you still unsure about pursuing Accredited Medical Assisting programs at Mildred Elley? There are numerous myths that people believe regarding accredited MA programs. We’ve highlighted a few below to help you distinguish fact from fiction:

MYTH: Certified Medical Assistants cannot work in a surgical setting.
FACT: Nearly 62% of medical assistants work in the primary care setting, while 32% work in a surgical specialty or other medical specialties.

MYTH: Once you become a certified medical assistant, you can never become a nurse.
FACT: Some certified medical assistants use this role as a stepping-stone to pursue additional opportunities. In fact, those who have been committed to excellence in the field often receive additional benefits that pay to further their education!

MYTH: Medical Assistants do not need a certification to work at a facility.
FACT: While NYS does not currently require a certification from a medical assistant to work in the healthcare setting, many facilities do require the certification prior to hiring.

MYTH: If I become a Certified Medical Assistant, I am going to have to work extra-long shifts.
FACT: Many Certified Medical Assistants work in primary care or office care setting. These shifts are predominantly consistent and during the day.

MYTH: In NYS, a Certified Medical Assistant can only take vitals.
FACT: While NYS does not allow certified medical assistants to administer vaccines, there is a great deal of additional clinical tasks found within their scope of practice.


Mildred Elley’s Accredited Medical Assisting programs

Mildred Elley offers classes that are instructed by experienced professionals to give you the best opportunity to learn. The best part is, these class sizes are small which could help you build lifelong relationships with your professors and even your classmates. While learning about real-world experiences, you can also be earning certifications at the same time! Our program could set you up for success in the field.

So, if you’re searching for “accredited Medical Assistant programs near me”, look no further. Mildred Elley offers Accredited Medical Assisting programs throughout our three campuses in Albany, New York City, and Pittsfield. With all of these benefits and convenient locations, now is the time to get started in a new career. Enroll today!





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