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If you are passionate about the well-being of others, enrolling in a massage therapy training program will likely be a good fit for you. Massage therapy provides several career opportunities for anyone interested in the fundamentals of both health sciences and human relations. As a massage therapist, you would be integral to the physical well-being of others by helping them de-stress while providing specialized care. If you’re wondering how a massage therapy career will be sustainable and flexible with your lifestyle, keep reading. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider becoming a massage therapist today!

1) The demand for massage therapist jobs has increased and for good reason!

There is a growing career demand for massage therapists! With the day-to-day stresses of life and unexpected health issues that we may face, massage therapists provide us with hands-on care. They are specialists who can help relieve tension and pain in our muscles and aid in the general wellness of clients. According to BLS data, the job outlook for a massage therapist is expected to increase by 32% which is much faster compared to other industries . Because of this rapid job outlook, graduates can expect to find a job opportunity after completing the necessary training courses and licensures.

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2) A day in your life as a Massage Therapist could include the beach, spa or even a cruise ship!

One of the more exciting aspects of being a massage therapist is the diverse work environments to choose from. From working in a physician’s office or being located in a hotel spa, there are many environments to choose from when pursuing a career as a massage therapist! If you’re someone who doesn’t plan on working in just one job setting for the rest of your life, pursuing massage therapy training might be the right avenue for you. Some of the job settings you might find massage therapists working in include (but are not limited to):

    • Spas
    • Healthcare offices
    • Hotels
    • Fitness centers
    • Cruise Ships
    • And even the Beaches!

3) Set your own hours. Workaround other life commitments.

Unlike many other jobs, as a massage therapist, you will have the flexibility to set your own hours based on your schedule and working environment. According to data from the BLS, 38% of massage therapists are self-employed and for those looking to work for themselves, there are several opportunities available to you! Most massage therapists will typically work 5 day weeks with the option to work weekends allowing for part-time and full-time work flexibility.

4) Learn by doing at Massage Therapy School.

Have you ever wondered how your classroom experience will prepare you for the job? Because massage therapists work directly with clients, massage therapy training institutions typically will include hands-on training to prepare you for the real work environment you will be going into. The education requirements will vary depending on your state massage therapy boards, but most programs will require some form of license or certification which can be obtained in a short amount of time.

5) Finish your massage therapy training sooner and achieve your dreams.

If time commitment has been holding you back from pursuing your career, becoming a massage therapist is a great option for you. Although most states will have their own licensure procedures, you can typically expect to complete a massage therapy training program or degree in 1-2 years. This will also vary depending on the type of program you decide to enroll in, but most programs according to the BLS will require roughly 500-1,000 hours of education which can be completed in a flexible and affordable program.


Start your Massage Therapy Training Today at Mildred Elley 

At Mildred Elley, we offer a Massage Therapy Degree program (AOS) offered at the Albany, NY and NYC Metro campus. We also offer a certificate program in our Pittsfield campus and Albany, NY campus. Through our massage therapy training courses, you will have the opportunity to learn the essential foundations of massage such as Anatomy and Physiology. In our training and degree programs, students can expect in-depth exposure and instruction for various massage techniques including sports massage, Swedish massage, and oriental massage!

Additionally, our programs allow you to practice your skills on real clients in our massage clinics. This “hands-on-approach” will give you the confidence needed in a safe space to learn and receive feedback from trusted instructors. After the completion of our degree or certificate programs, you will be prepared and ready to take the state licensing exam to begin your rewarding career as a massage therapist!





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