Online Classes: ICD-10 Boot Camp

  • Comprehensive Training Course for ICD-10-CM & ICD-10-PSC

    Farewell ICD-9! Prepare for the future of coding with our ICD-10 Boot Camp Course.

    This course is not meant to cram information in a short amount of time. Instead, your instructor will prepare you for the examination as you are drilled with opportunities to practice real world applications of ICD-10 in a learner-friendly format.

    Who Should Take This Course?

    Intended for experienced ICD-9 Coders, our course is designed to qualify and prepare students for passage of the National ICD-10 Certificate Examination. Students receive comprehensive course materials and meaningful opportunities to practice the application of ICD-10 through guided exercises in practical applications, including classification of medical data and assignment of diagnostic codes and procedures in patient records.

    Convenient, Yet Personalized, Online Training

    The course is available in two online learning formats: Live/Online or Self-Paced.

    Live/Online Learning Format

    The Live/Online format is most appropriate for students who crave structure and continual interaction with an instructor. Using a secure, online video feed classroom, students regularly attend lectures and are invited to participate in live discussions using chat. Camera shy? No worries: while we invite you to share your camera view, it is not required.

    Self-Paced Learning Format

    The Self-Paced format is most appropriate for students who require flexible scheduling. Students are assigned to an instructor who is regularly available for questions and who will periodically check in with each student to gauge progress. While the instructor is always available to answer questions, students learn on their own time and at their own pace.

    Course Hours 48 Hours
    Live/Online Schedule
    • 4 Hours Per Day
    • 2 Days Per Week
    • 6 Weeks Total
    Course Cost
    (includes tuition, books & fees)
    Please contact us for details.
    Group Discounts Please contact us for details.

    Our standard Live/Online schedule is 6 weeks. However, we can accommodate the training schedule to meet your needs—whether you need a quicker or slower schedule, just let us know.

    Class Topics

    Part I: ICD-10-CM

    • Discerning the Differences Between ICD-9 and ICD-10 Mapping
    • Coding Scenarios
    • Authentic Electronic Medical Charts
    • Terminology Differences between ICD-9-PCS and ICD-10-PCS
    • Coding Scenarious – Procedures
    • Coding Scenarios & Authentic Electronic Medical Charts – Procedures

    Part II: ICD-10-PCS

    • Coding Diagnoses & Procedures in ICD-10 Only

    Enrollment Requirements

    To enroll in this course, you must have earned a a GED or high school diploma; and either:

    • have graduated from the Mildred Elley (or A&H Training) Hospital-Based Coding program; or
    • demonstrate one year’s experience in ICD-9 coding in an acute care setting.

    Call (888) 207-1637 to Enroll Today! Or fill out the form for more information