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Is Online Learning Right For You?

Online learning is the fastest growing method of getting a college-level education. Mildred Elley offers a wide variety of courses taught in a convenient online format.

Top Benefits of Online Learning

  1. Variety – Many courses available
  2. Convenience – Classes accessible from any computer with internet access
  3. Flexibility – Online course materials available 24 hours a day, every day
  4. Attention – Direct access to your instructors via email and class forums
  5. Real World Skills – Not only will you gain course knowledge, but you’ll also familiarize yourself with email, web browsing and web-based software, giving you an advantage over someone unfamiliar with the internet
  6. Self Discipline – You’ll learn self discipline skills when getting school work done, including self-motivation, time management and structure
  7. Savings – Less transportation costs
  8. Free Time – Since you’ll save on commute time, you’ll have more free time to spend with family, friends and other activities


Take this Online Readiness Questionnaire to see if you’re ready to take online courses at Mildred Elley.

Online Readiness Questionnaire
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