Penn Foster High School Completion Program in Albany, NYC, & Pittsfield

High School Completion Program


Interested in enrolling in Mildred Elley but don’t have your high school diploma?

Through our partner, Penn Foster, Mildred Elley is now offering a High School Completion Program. You can earn an accredited high school diploma on our campus,at your own pace and at no cost to you*, on your journey to enrolling in one of our career programs.

This program is for people who:

  • Don’t have a high school diploma
  • Have had challenges completing the GED
  • Are interested in enrolling in a career program at Mildred Elley
  • Can dedicate a minimum of 12 hours on campus per week
  • Are looking for a second chance at a better future

How the Program Works

  1. You enroll in the Penn Foster High School Completion Program—we may cover the cost of the program at no charge to you.*
  2. Penn Foster will evaluate your high school transcript and award any applicable transfer credits.
  3. You access your coursework on the campus of your choice, using our computers and campus resources.
  4. Receive academic support on-campus by a mentor and online from your Penn Foster instructors.
  5. Complete the program at your own pace—in as few as 12 weeks.**
  6. When you complete the high school program, you will receive your high school diploma.
  7. Receiving your high school diploma will open many doors for you.

Reap the Benefits of a High School Diploma

  • Students with a high school diploma earn $1600 more than those with a GED.***
  • On average, students who have attended college earn over $37,500 a year.****
  • Enhance your career and your future with a college education.


The Penn Foster High School Completion Program is available at the following campuses:
Mildred Elley – Albany, NY
Mildred Elley – Pittsfield, MA
Mildred Elley – NYC Metro




Fill out the application below to get started!

Penn Foster Application

†Racial/Ethnic data is not mandatory. Responses will be held confidential and there is no penalty for refusal to supply this information. Mildred Elley does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, creed, disability, marital status, veteran’s status, national origin or sex in the educational programs and activities it operates. This policy is in compliance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972.

Students applying for admission to the Penn Foster High School Completion Program through Mildred Elley are required to e-sign this application.


Note: Application into the Penn Foster High School Completion Program is not an application for admission to Mildred Elley. When you complete the high school completion program,  you may be eligible to continue your education in a Mildred Elley degree program. You will need to follow the Mildred Elley enrollment process and meet its admissions qualifications.

*Some restrictions apply. Please contact Mildred Elley for additional information and review of Participation Agreement.**Depending on credits transferred in.
***Source: ****Source: