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Mildred Elley—Albany, NY August 2010 GraduatesMildred Elley Alma Mater


To Mildred Elley School We Sing
May We Her Motto Heed:
"Successus Per Constantiam"
In Every Thought And Deed.
And As We Leave Her Friendly Halls
Our Colors We'll Unfold;
Ring Out The Echoes Of Our Song;
"All Hail The Green And Gold!"
Dear Mildred Elley School,
Dear Mildred Elley School,
Through All Our Days
We'll Sing Thy Praise,
Dear Mildred Elley School,
To Her We Pledge Our Efforts Brave
Her Standards To Uphold;
Our Source The Treasures That She Gave
Our Symbols, Green And Gold.
We'll Cultivate With Loyalty.
To Make Our Own Green Field;
Amid The World's Fertility,
A Golden Harvest Yield.