Career Opportunities at Mildred Elley

Mildred Elley, a private, co-educational, accredited institution of higher education authorized to offer Associate"s degree and certificate programs, and a regional leader in career education, offers an exceptional work environment that provides an opportunity for our employees to grow personally and professionally.

Mildred Elley is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

We value diversity and encourage all qualified applicants to apply.

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Financial Aid Representative- Albany- 08.19.14Albany, NY08/19/2014Ongoing
Part-Time Campus Service Specialist - NYC - 08.18.14New York, NY08/18/2014Ongoing
Adjunct Paralegal Instructor- Albany-07.22.14Albany, NY07/22/2014Ongoing
Department Chair of Paralegal Studies- Albany-07.22.14Albany, NY07/22/2014Ongoing
PN Clinical/Laboratory Coordinator & Instructor- Pittsfield-07.15.14Pittsfield, MA07/15/2014Ongoing
Department Chair for Practical Nursing Program- Pittsfield-06.25.14Pittsfield, MA06/25/2014Ongoing
FT & PT Practical Nursing Didactic and Clinical Instructor Alb 06.13.14Albany, NY06/13/2014Ongoing
Adjunct Faculty Anatomy & Physiology - Albany 06.03.14Albany, NY06/03/2014Ongoing
Massage Therapy Continuing Education Workshops Alb. 06.03.14Continuing Education06/03/2014Ongoing
Massage Therapy Adjunct Professor NYC 06.03.14New York, NY06/03/2014Ongoing
Adjunct Information Technology Instructor Alb 06.03.14Albany, NY06/03/2014Ongoing
Massage Therapy Adjunct ALB 06.03.14Albany, NY06/03/2014Ongoing
Adjunct Faculty Environmental Science Instructor Alb 06.03.14Albany, NY06/03/2014Ongoing
Adjunct Faculty Mathematics Instructor Alb 06.03.14Albany, NY06/03/2014Ongoing
Full Time Information Technology Instructor ALB 06.03.2014Albany, NY06/03/2014Ongoing
Full time Clinical Medical Assistant Instructor Alb 06.03.14Albany, NY06/03/2014Ongoing
Adjunct Pharmacology Instructor- Albany- 06.03.14Albany, NY06/03/2014Ongoing
Radiologic Technology Adjunct Professor-NYC-06.03.14New York, NY06/03/2014Ongoing
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