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    "Mildred Elley helps me prepare for the world. The schedules are flexible. They give me everything I need to get ahead."

    Toyah Angoy

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    "The small class sizes is one of the big reasons why I chose to come to Mildred Elley...the teachers are more focused on students. It's a great place to go — you have so much support behind you."

    Leah Peart

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    "I'll be able to get my associate's degree rather fast and I can still work on my other projects. It's not messing up any schedule I already have."

    D. Harris

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    "I would recommend Mildred Elley because of the small class sizes and because you are learning more in a shorter period of time."

    Bonnie Bennet

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    "I chose Mildred Elley because they gave me opportunities that I really couldn’t get anywhere else."

    Ginger Love

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    "Before Mildred Elley I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. I had no goals and no ambition. It has definitely helped me learn how to be successful."

    Naelle Marius

Business Management Programs in Pittsfield


  • Occupations in Business Management are many and varied. Our Mildred Elley - Berkshires / Pittsfield, MA business school graduates are very well prepared for occupations in finance, sales, customer service, banking and many other for-profit, non-profit, and government jobs. They are trained in the latest software technologies to enhance their productivity and ensure a higher advantage over other job applicants.

    Accounting Systems Specialist Certificate

    business-technology-trainingWith the number, size, and complexity of businesses, the demand for accounting services has increased dramatically. The Accounting Systems Specialist certificate program is designed to prepare students for accounting and bookkeeping positions in areas such as payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

    Students will learn basic accounting, computerized accounting, and software applications used to record financial information and transactions. The program also provides a core of theoretical knowledge and applied skills in general business management, office productivity software and computer operating systems, general education and higher education success, career and employment preparation, and further specialization and exploration of different subjects through both general and restricted electives.

    Administrative Assistant Certificate

    In today‘s economy, skilled administrative assistants are essential in all professional offices. Administrative support personnel are responsible for producing  professional correspondence, handling confidential records, creating newsletters and brochures, transcribing dictated reports and maintaining office organization. This program provides hands-on computer training that allows students to compete in today‘s technological environment.

    Graduates of the Administrative Assistant program obtain employment in all types of businesses including law offices, medical offices, insurance companies, schools and colleges, accounting firms, and governmental agencies.

  • Some courses for Accounting Systems Specialist include:

    • Principals of Financial Accounting
    • Computerized Accounting Applications
    • Principals of Managerial Accounting
    • Business Organization and Management
    • Principals of Digital Literacy
    • Document Processing I
    • Word Processing and Presentation Applications
    • Spreadsheet and Database Applications

    Some courses for Administrative Assistant include:

    • Customer Service and Sales Management
    • Office Information and Management Systems
    • Principals of Digital Literacy
    • Document Processing I
    • Word Processing and Presentation Applications
    • Spreadsheet and Database Applications
    • Introduction to Professional Office Management
    • Professional Office Managment Seminar
    • Mildred Elley Offers:

      • Financial Aid & Scholarships for those who qualify
      • Lifetime Job Placement Assistance
      • Flexible Schedule


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